5 tips from Angie’s List to find the best body shop


How to Find the Right Auto Body Repair Shop For You

After you’ve been in an auto accident it’s important to choose the right auto body repair shop to repair your vehicle. Many people still follow the old method of getting three estimates and choosing the shop who quotes the lowest. This practice is not recommended in today’s age, with all of the intricate technologies put into every vehicle, you don’t want your car being repaired at whatever shop will fix it the cheapest.

Another thing you have to watch out for is the trustworthiness of the repair shop. Are they really replacing every part that they write on the estimate? How is your vehicles interior protected while it’s in the shop? These are concerns you should rightfully have when choosing an auto body shop.

The good news is that there are a few steps you can take when choosing which shop to bring your vehicle to.

Step One) Don’t blindly listen to your insurance company

Many insurance companies have “preferred shops” that they will recommend to their customers. They’ll tell you things like it’s the only way to warranty the repairs (not true), or that it will be done a lot faster. The truth is that their “recommended shops” have an agreement with the insurance company to charge them reduced rates, and not charge for certain repair operations that are necessary. Keep in mind your insurance company wants your vehicle to be repaired as cheaply as possible, saving them money.
Now don’t get me wrong, some of the shops your insurance company recommends might be a great choice. They’re not all bad, but you can’t make your decision solely based on your insurance company’s recommendation.

Step Two) Do your research

Doing a background check on a company is easier than ever with online reviews. I suggest starting with Angie’s List. Go to their website and type in the name of the shop or shops you’re considering and see what kind of reviews are posted about them. You can also type the shop’s name into Google and see what reviews come up. This is a quick and easy way to see what kind of experience other customers have had with that auto body repair shop.

Step Three) Make sure the shop offers a warranty

Many shops offer a lifetime warranty on the repairs they preform, but not every shop does this. It’s important to ask if it’s something they offer, and what their warranty covers. Also see if they offer their warranty in writing

Step Four) Don’t be afraid to be picky

You should be picky and you should let them know it! Remember- you’re the customer. When you visit a shop you should ask if you can look at any completed repairs that are still on site. How does the paint look? Does everything line up right? By looking over a recent completed repair you’ll get a good idea of the quality of workmanship that comes out of that shop.

What to Do After An Auto Accident

Each time you get into your vehicle you are at risk of getting into an auto accident, regardless of your driving skills.  It is important to take the necessary steps following an auto collision. This is easier said than done due to the high-stressful nature of being in an accident. With that said, we have created an accident checklist of what to do after an accident.

Step one: Don’t leave the scene

Following an accident you should never leave the scene until the police arrive, even if it is a minor collision. If you leave the scene it could be considered a hit and run and you could face legal troubles.

Step two: Find out if anyone was injured

Immediately after the accident, check everyone in your vehicle for injuries. Then check with anyone else involved in the accident to make sure no one needs emergency medical attention.

Step three: Speak with the other driver

When you are talking with the other driver involved in the accident, you should never apologize or imply that you are sorry. Why? Because you could be admitting that you were at fault and that statement could be held against you. When you talk with the other driver, simply ask for their insurance and contact information. As an added note, you should never sign anything unless asked to from the police.

Here’s the information you should get from the other party:

  • Their name
  • Their phone number
  • Their address
  • The number of occupants in both vehicles
  • The other parties insurance information (policy number, company and phone number)
  • The names of the emergency personal who responded

Step four: contact your insurance provider

Every insurance provider should have an 1-800 number  you can call. This is usually listed on your policy summary (probably in your glove box). You will want to contact them as soon as possible to notify them of the accident and start a claim. You may also choose to call your insurance agent as they can sometimes be more helpful than the call center.

Step five: call or visit an auto body repair shop

Your insurance company may recommend one of their ‘preferred’ shops to take your vehicle too. Keep in mind this is just a suggestion and you can choose where to bring your vehicle for the auto body repairs. Once you decide where to take your vehicle, give them a call and make an appointment for them to do an estimate. Most auto body shops will submit the proper paperwork to your insurance company to expedite the claim process.

While it is a horrible thought to think about, most drivers will be involved in some sort of auto accident in their lifetime.
Review and print off a copy of this checklist so you’re prepared if it ever happens to you.

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